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You can not compare normal cars with high-end sportscars, so you also can't treat them like ordinary cars. This is why our team - formerly mainly focussed on motorsports - now also uses its 20 years of experience for maintainance, repair and high-end tuning of beautiful lightweight sportscars.


Maybe this experience and the passion of our team have convinced the British brands Lotus and Caterham to choose our company to be their brand partner in Austria. 


Our range of products and services (overview)
Selling, maintaining & repairing of LOTUS and Caterham cars | Premium upgrades and upgrade-parts | Automotive engineering (all brands) | Motorsport maintenance, setup and pit crew | Racing team | Sports- and race-driver coachings | Motorsport experiences

Service & Repair

We service, repair and tune your beloved Lotus, Caterham or KTM with passion. Because of our special trained mechanics, almost 20 years of experience and lots of motorsport knowledge, you can rely on our skills.


„Your car is in the best of hands in our workshop! We work with absolute passion and take care of your car like it would be ours." (Rene Rosinger, Workshop Manager)

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Upgrades & Tuning

We provide reliable high-end tuning for engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes, aerodynamics, etc. for your Lotus, Caterham or KTM cars. Most of our tuning kits and tuning parts are developed AND produced at our factory in Austria. Always in focus: the highest performance AND maximum reliability. All components are developed and heavily tested on our dyno, on track and on the curvy roads of upper Austria.

Selected items can be shipped worldwide.

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Automotive Engineering

Our team can support you with engineering work for motorsport-, automotive-, and nautical projects. We can do whole projects, but mostly engineer a specific part within the project of our clients or act as quick-reacting troubleshooter for various OEMs (any brands).

Our highly trained engineers work within very lean structures and find great solutions for our clients - always in scope, in time, in quality and in budget.

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Racing - rent a Cockpit

We started our company based on successful racing - and our heart still beats for winning on tracks.

This is why we offer cockpits in our race cars to ambitioned amateur- and pro-drivers for a fixed price. We provide highly competitive race cars, a professional team of mechanics and coaches as well as all the organisation - so you can fully focus on racing.

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Enjoy the feeling of driving a british lightweight sports car!

We offer various experiences with our Lotus and Caterham rental cars on roads and tracks.

Our range starts with short half-day rentals, but you can also have a nice weekend-trip, enjoy a professional training for trackday driving, have a thrilling ride in one of our race-taxis or do a full stint with one of our race cars on track.

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Hand built to the highest standard.


No-one cares as much as we do.


Once you see one you’ll know why!

Jubu Peformance
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