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JUBU DCT - Dual Clutch Transmission V6

for Exige S3 | Evora | 3-Eleven
The JUBU DCT-System (Dual Clutch Gearbox) transforms every Exige/Evora/3-Eleven/Emira into a spectacular daily-driver-tracktool. It combines full and comfortable street capabilities and whithin the blink of an eye (just press one button) you can drive it on track like a race-car with a sequential gearbox. Besides the full daily-driver and track-tool capabilities another advantage is the very low maintainance-cost (sequential gearbox: full revision after 30-50 hours on track; JUBU DCT: no revision needed). So the running costs are very low and concerning the JUBU DCT-System non existant.
Automatic mode
In automatic mode, the JUBU-DCT shifts as smooth as butter. This mode is intended for relaxed cruising in everyday driving.
Manual mode
The manual mode of the transmission is designed for sporty driving on the road as well as for use on the racetrack and gives the vehicle an enormous performance boost thanks to ultra-fast gear changes. The gears are shifted via paddles on the steering wheel and the gear changes are almost as fast as with a sequential gearbox. The JUBU DCT thus offers the main advantages of a sequential gearbox (ultra-short shift times), but without its disadvantages such as: the higher maintenance costs (sequential gearbox: revision approx. every 30-50 operating hours; JUBU DCT: revision-free) or the often difficult starting or the limited suitability for everyday use.
The JUBU DCT therefore combines the best of both worlds: full everyday suitability with the option of comfortable cruising in automatic mode and a manual mode with ultra-fast gear changes. The DCT transmission can certainly be ridden on trackdays, but for pure racing and frequent, tough trackday use, the sequential JUBU transmission naturally remains the measure of all things.
Our DCT-System is based on the technology of a huge global player in car manufacturing (more than 10000 units sold per year), this is why we can grant a 2-year-warranty without mileage-limit on our system. 
The JUBU DCT is fully and seamless integrated in the OEM-Lotus-Systems of your car.


  • Super-fast gear-changes (less than 80ms)
  • Full and comfortable daily driver capabilities and ready-to-race with pushing one button
  • Made for permanent torque of 600 Nm
  • Comfortable automatic shifting in drive-, sport- und race-mode
  • Manual shifting with paddle shifters mounted on the steering column
  • Compact unit with clutch, gearbox and cooling system for the gear oil
  • Celiable mass production technology
  • Gear 7 can be used as Eco-Gear for Highways.



  • Fully integrated in the original systems of the car. All features and displays/signals are like in the original car and fully functional.
  • Plug & Play for any Exige V6, Evora or 3-Eleven
  • Developed and manufactured in Austria
  • Just marginally heavier than the standard manual shifter (app. +15kg)
  • Just mariginally heavier than a sequential 6-speed gearbox with paddle shift (app. +7 kg)
  • Electronic stability control (ESC) can be fully switched off in race-mode
  • Shifter paddels fixed on steering column (they do not turn with the steering wheel) - fully useable with the original airbag-steering wheel (turning paddels mounted on the steering wheel are available on desire)


Gear/speed ratios:  max. rev. 7150 u/min,  265/35-18, dynamic tire circumference 2019 mm

  • 1. gear 52 Km/h
  • 2. gear 87 Km/h
  • 3. gear 131 Km/h
  • 4. gear 180 Km/h
  • 5. gear 232 Km/h
  • 6. gear 289 Km/h
  • 7. gear 345 Km/h


Fits for

  • All Exige V6 models
  • All Evora models
  • All 3-Eleven models
  • Emira V6


Scope of delivery

  • Dual-Clutch-System (based on the gearbox of a huge german manufacturer) with 2 years of warranty (without mileage-limit)
  • Installation of the system into a Lotus Exige V6 including all necessary assembly-parts.
  • JUBU Drive-shafts, reinforced motor-mounts, gearbox-mounts, torque brackets and bearings, JUBU flywheel, starter-motor, Plex gear-display with shiftlight (shows gear, engine- and gearbox-oil-temperature)
  • Free programmable Syvecs ECU with dual lambda controller and JUBU hard-coded CAN bus for DCT-gearbox-control with seamless CAN-integration all LOTUS-OEM-functions, JUBU adapterbox with CAN,  full system-setup on our high-performance-dyno.


Options/accessories (please choose at "additional options")

  • Drexler LSD (Limited Slip differential) including fitting and gearbox modification
  • F1-Style, GPS-aided traction control (12-stage) Dry/Wet setup
  • Removable Motorsport OMP suede Steering-Wheel 330mm with Motorsport shifter paddles made by our long-term-partner Geartronics with Krontec quick-release.


For further questions, inquiries or orders, please call us (+43 7264 20175) or send us an Email.


Note: Installation will be done by our experts in Münzbach/Upper Austria and needs 5-7 Work-days. Installation in workshops worldwide possible (we also travel on demand).

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