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JUBU fuel catch tank system incl. high performance fuel pump

for all Lotus models (universal part)

At high lateral and/or longitudinal accelerations (especially in fast turns on tracks), the fuel in the OEM tank may swap. As a consequence, the standard in-tank fuel pump sucks air instead of fuel and feeds too little fuel to the possible high-reving engine. If the engine temporarily but frequently runs to lean, wear and tean is highly increased and in a worst case scenario, this issue can lead to thermal indicated, massive and costly engine failures ("holes in the pistons"). 

To get rid of this problem and keep the engine even on hardest track- or race-conditions healthy, we've developed a system with an external catchtank and a Bosch motorsport high-performance fuel pump. With this JUBU system, the OEM in-tank fuel pump feeds fuel permanentely and pressureless in an external reservoir with countercurrent (Catchtank). This catchtank is always filled with enough fuel (no matter how high accelerations raise). A high performance Bosch motorsport fuel pump sucks the fuel from this catchtank and is able to continuously feed the optimal amount of fuel to the engine. 

The JUBU fuel catch tank system incl. high performance fuel pump reduces wear and tear on the engines of trackday- or race-cars significantely and can prevent costly engine failures. It helps massively to prolongue the service life and keeps your engine healthy. It works also well for street use, but is not necessary for Lotus cars that are only driven on streets - unless you have applied a massive power enhancement (e.g. at power outputs of 500+ hp on the Lotus V6 engine, the oem pump can't provide enough fuel to cover the demand of the engine, no matter which amount of lateral or longitudinal accelerations occur). 



  • Significantely higher service-life of the engine of Lotus cars which are driven on track and reliable protection from high wear and tear caused by a temporary undersupply of fuel in high g-force conditions
  • Reliable protection against thermal indicated engine failures (which may occur without catchtank-system because of frequent, short-term undersupply of fuel)
  • Sufficient fuel-supply level for up 750 hp (on Lotus V6 engines) because of the big catch tank and the Bosch motorsport high-performance fuel pump
  • Very compact unit with all necessary components included



  • Design & development by JUBU Performance
  • Heavily tested on dyno, roads and tracks (e.g.: JP ZERO GT2)
  • High quality components, produced in Austria and Germany
  • Plug & Play installation, fully removable


Fits for

  • all Lotus models (universal component)


Scope of delivery

  • JUBU aluminium Catchtank (powder coated, structured black)
  • Bosch motorsport high performance fuel pump
  • High-Quality JUBU fuel pressure regulator (aluminium) with Dash connectors
  • Flexible steel hoses (black, plug & play) with black Dash connectors (aluminium)
  • Dash screw adaptor (aluminium, black)
  • Cable set incl. relais 
  • Mounting material
  • Support-package "small" 



  • Setting/variant of fuel pressure regulator (bar)
  • Fuel hoses incl. connectors



The system fits every Lotus model, but is only necessary/rational for trackday-cars and race-cars. If you drive your car mainly on streets it's only necessary for engines with very high power outputs (e.g. more than 500hp on the Lotus V6 engine). Please tell us your model/variant when ordering because necessary brackets/mounting material may vary.


Reinforced in-tank fuel pumps (as available at various other suppliers) can't ensure a permanently constant fuel-supply for the engine. An external catchtank (as in the JUBU system) with an additional high performance fuel pump is highly recommended.


If you have any questions about the product or how to order, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+43 7264 20175) or email.

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